Sunday, 16 December 2007

luv sick

having to listen to tompi (and athilia's) "selalu senganmu" really made me love sick this week. blergh! i miss caveman. seriusly. like my witchy ros said, so near.. yet so far..

i tried it all..

bag googling.. yeppp those fergie naught scouts collection is buyalicious. i likee! witchy ros trying to poison me to kirim to her hubby, who's in SFO now.

blogging.. notice there's been a flood of posts? uhuh.

ebay. now upgraded to don't ask.

candles. box. ceramic. m confused. did not work.

started being unethical. thinking of "ciplak"ing a design i found. dog eat dog. also didn't work.

work. slaving at work. work some more. blergh.

run. diet. run some more. brisk walk. that's hell of a lot of KM i walked allright! 1st thing i did when i got home.. check my txt delivery status. pending. failed :((

sigh. m love sick..

and about the pix.. i have 11 months.. or less.. to look for the perfect turqoise shoe. holler me for any sightings of it.

think i'll sleep now...

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