Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Bandung yuk...!

future brides... head to Bandung. the fabrics are about 80% cheaper compared to our shores. yes, of course.. the argument of cost effective comes to mind. do consider only when u get cheapo flight tickets to Bandung. as for me.. i was overjoyed. as i put my calculation side by side.. the same amount i would've spent on fabrics alone (bought in M'sia) is equivalent to my 11 days spending + all my (and caveman's) fabric + the tailoring cost. kewl innit. told ya its complicated when bankers get married *wink*

it became so affordable that i went crazy buying the fabrics that i could never afford back in KL. something that's worth RM300 per meter .. heh, i get to buy 4m of it! in Rups, of course. so affordable.. that i even made all my wedding dresses there! of course, it became even more affordable due to the following lines :

Me : Mbak, ada yang namanye Ika?
Ika : Ya saya mbak. mbak temannya sapa?
Me : Saya temannya *toot*
Ika : oh iya??! ooohhh udah dapat harga teman2 ni mbak! ga bisa harga wisata!

ngehngehngeh! further conversation reveals that *toot* is my mantan pacar.. ya.. harga jadi lagi murahh dong!! i never thought dropping name, what more an ex.. would do me soo good. *LOL* my ex & wife, bought & made her wedding dresss in the same store.. (Rumah Mode, Pasar Baru, Lantai 2). so he told me to check it out.. and name drop. teehee.

i honestly like Bandung, compared to Jakarta. i mean, for everything else.. Jakarta would be the shopping haven. but for me.. the fabrics in Bandung.. and the FO (think super Zara &MNG workpants.. and ofcourse.. Little Miss Tees!!!) are just my thing. its less hectic. its easy to get around. i mean.. im luv this place dude!

some would ask about invitation cards.. well.. think RM10 at a RM3 price. i kid you not. personally the cheapo ones.. are very cheap.. but ours looks much better. but then again.. maybe i didnt look hard enough. i mean for someone with TBA date.. its depressing enough to get your dresses months in advance *grin*.. what more cardS? hehehe!

oh yea.. we stayed at nini's niece's hostel. pretty neat with indoor bathroom & all. we actually crashed at her friend's room, as she had to be outstationed the whole week (they are med interns).. so we crashed for free. that was how i saved money. hee.

what else is good in bandung..? brownies kukus!!! go for it.. forget your diet! *LOL*


sugarysweet said...

aight..that's it!!
Not saving up for OW course no more.. I come!!

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