Monday, 18 February 2008

everything online..!

it was supposed to be a weekend for me to totally unpack (some stuff are still in the backpack.. and when its not, its on the floor..) and unwind..


i ended up doing only the latter.. *grin*

my mom tried real hard to drag me out of bed.. but i just couldn't.. 11 days away from my crib is just a little too much for me. and 11 days w/o the world wide web.. is even worst *lol*

so all i did was youtube kawin muda, a sinetron by okan & agnes monica.. which i thought was really funny.. and cute.. it's gonna be aired in RTM1 starting today (monday).. i think.. but hei.. ive completed all 30 episodes of it. yes, i didn't watch any sinetron while i was in indonesia. all i watch was their music channel.. and of course.. extravaganza on transtv.

i was also hooked on online games. its hard to put down i tell ya. i remembered yummymummy's entry on her liking sim & theme hospital. that was my poison too. i like these cutesy games, rather than the blood splashing ones that my brother (and hers) loves.

diner dash is just sooo adorable. something like theme hospital.. where you map out your hospital.. in this case.. its a diner.

oh well.. i think i should outgrow these online games.. but then again.. why be so old? chill la kan.. *grin* so for the fun of it.. check out diner dash.

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ku E said...

wahh... berapa bulan baru nak habis your holiday entries nie lol...

btw... try ler, i am sure u gonna be hooked like me *glurp* my id there is ku_E & i will usually be at either Auntie's Corner or Coffee House room ;) see you there?