Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru...

ironic.. my 1st entry since the big holiday was a melancholic one. heehee!

well.. i was on my way to kl.. on the bus.. couldn't get any sleep.. hungry.. gotta pee..then i remembered that my ex is getting married the very next day. so i texted him.. saying the usual la..

then.. he called me.. m like.. uik.. pengantin.. arent u supposed to be busy??! and he's like.. u expect me to be at my in laws?? u crazy??

well.. it was all awkward silence after that.. n m like.. dude.. its your wedding day tomorrow!

so i wished him Selamat Pengantin Baru..and he sounded like he's gonna burst into tiny tears *riteeeeeeeeeeee* *LOL*

but m glad i didnt attend his wedding (god forbid pls dun let him read this!).. but it would've been too weird for me. cos, today..(11 days after).. i found out that he got married to the person who drifted us apart in the 1st place. donkey years ago, of course *wink* i mean.. how weird is that? to make things even weirder.. this golden couple kept popping out every where i go in bandung! *LOL* .. details much, much later..

oh well.. i was only rambling bout this cos it was the earliest thing that happened to me during the 11 days trip..

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