Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Code of Ethics..

no.. m not going to trash the HR.. for all i know they could be tracking us.. hahahha!

mama & i were discussing favours last night. wedding favours. she saw the preliminary photos sent by Adry of KreasiCrea (Bandung). she loved it soooo much she's having doubts on giving it all away *LOL* then we started talking about should we give the same gifts to both men&women. i couldn't really get what she meant until she told me to recap what abah have been getting at weddings.

then i'm like.. ohh yeaa...

i remember abah getting unforgettably forgettable favours.. from dodol to dadih to candies to.. macam2 la.. in short, worst of then what mama&i received. and i remembered many guy friends, including caveman, coming out of a wedding saying.. "eh, lain eh?" or worst, "aik, apsal aku tak dapat tu...?" *grin*

i honestly think it is usually the female of the species who loves attending weddings. or in most cases, if dragged into by moms, will willingly go. the male on the other hand will pout, scream, shout (literally) when they need to attend weddings, what more being asked to dress up for it. unless of course, this is one of the boys.

but at the end of the day.. both men&women goes through the same thing to attend the reception. most of the time it is the men who had to drive the distance so the women can flaunt their new baju (bukan orang nak tanye pun, ko bukannye pengantin, but stilllll.. m a chick, i know la kan ;) ). if i were a guy, sure aku bengang la kalau aku drive jauh2, or came a day earlier.. only to receive 1/4 of what my lady gets.

but, in the Malay wedding thingymajigy, there's somehow a code of ethics in favour giving (noted in 85% of Malay weddings) :

Mama said :

1. we don't give men the same favours we give the ladies.. for men we cut cost a bit la
2. we separate our guests, VIP and commoners.. in short, separate gifts
3. we have goody bags..(in it things combined from probably if you attend 5 weddings in a day).. but no, they are not for you.. cos we spent a bomb on it. only you, and you, and you.. haa amik ni.


I said :

1. why differ the gifts by gender? everyone goes through the same trouble to attend your reception..yes?
2. families, peeps & friends, yes.. to be separated. in most Malay weddings, you wouldn't know 70% of the people who came to your receptions anyways. but these familiar faces (families & peeps), special attention, yes. VIP & guests.. ? naahh..
3. closely related to No 1&2.. we dont thank our guests who came all the way by saying, thanks for coming.. but you get an egg.. and you get a bag. wee! can be subtly done by giving same number of favours, just different kinds.

i know m gonna get smacked up with this entry by many2 bride would be and bride have been.. but i know i'll have an army of people who thinks the same *grin*


seweng said...

hehehe..good advice for the bride and groom to be...i may fall in that category...very2 soon!

Miette said...

Well written article.