Friday, 14 March 2008

hocus pocus

blog stalking is backkk...!!! wooohoo!

reading the ladees' emails on jeremy jordan gave me a feelin that yummy mummy will blog on a certain yums she & lis used to drool over. yep.. back then.. its either keanu @ brad pitt. lis&her watched speed & point break to a point they can recite em in their sleep. me? i was more of brad pitt fan. dun ask me why, cos i dunno why. hahaha!

yep.. we rent movies from etak and there are certain movies that keeps coming back to Fasa 1D1. teehee! one of it is Hocus Pocus. i truly believed it was because of Omri Katz. believe it or not.. i still remember that name.. and couldn't remember jeremy jordan, this morning *LOL* but i totally cant remember how he looked like so when i googled it..*gulp*.. ladeeess.. !!! whyyy!!why!! *LOL* and i think, i never did return the VHS.. hmm...

i miss those days watching movies w/ my fav peeps. now we watch em alone. most of the time la *grin* we should organize a weekend watching all these old movies together.. that ought to justify who's got the worst taste back then (sure aku kalah part tivi&movie hahahha)

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a yummy mummy handbook said...

baru nak suruh dah ader dah...advance betul...babe i never knew that it was walts disney movie..kekeke....what ever happened to him????