Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Lulur away Ladies..

for those who have known me for some time.. will know that m a toiletries addict. from splash, to moisturizers, cleansers, shampoos, serum.. everything la! i just love, love, love!

and i've always loved the lulur a.k.a body scrub. when i was in high school, mama got them for me to reduce the occasional sun burns. the addiction continues until now.. but i have not used the traditional Java lulur (in powder form) for a long time. these by far is the best kind of scrubs.

until my recent Java trip where i dragged tim&nini to find all the jamu stores in Bandung.. just to find them *LOL* this is even when i have a pack of lulur bought at the Kraton in Jogja. royal lulur ok.. jangan main2! *wink*

so with the next Bandung trip coming up.. my lulur counterpart, Kak Ila.. vows that we're gonna borong banyak2 lulur .. i mean.. i will never know when i'll ever get to splurge on trips like this, after the entire episode of bridezilla&house witch is over.

so i've been searching online for lulur suppliers and found Bali Lulur Home Spa. the best thing is.. they're from Bandung! and sooo affordable. weee! can't wait to receive their reply.

for those who are not into them.. start! moisturizers don't work as fine as on skin that does not have a layer of dead skin on. now i'm loving the lulur my cousin's wife made for me. maybe someday i'll get the recipe from her. kalau rajin la tapi



ku E said...

eh... kita serupa ler kechik! ;)

like the one in damai laut, all done by indon, very nice, i like...

little miss kechik said...

teehee... bilir ayor dah rupe kedai jamu dah..

sugarysweet said...

only for the rajin..

little miss kechik said...

jangan menyesal di kemudian hari..