Monday, 7 April 2008

i used to have that email address when i was in uni. ofcourse it wasnt bla bla.. i just cant remember what it was. but the domain was real. my peeps would've known me too well & will say my pms is one of the worst. and you would think pms gets better (better, goes away completely) as you get older.

proud to say.. nearing the big 3 0 even (wait.. not so near yet ;) ), it hasn't *LOL*

as i get older.. the pms pattern shifts.. from the former emo moody iblis (still am la once in a while).. to the now really bad weight gain (yes, yes blame it on the hormons). and of course, the super bad migrains. which i had today... from 5am.. until now. *sigh*

but i didnt believe pms could cause weight gain. until lately since ive been watching my weight (huarghh i hate!! sejak bile aku jadik vain??) .. and through some research.. it is true. its something to do w/ insulin, magnesium, bla bla.. weight gain. sigh..

these two links from ultrapms and women health channel is worth reading..

now.. should i gran that cadbury.. or the pain killer.. or sleep..?

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