Wednesday, 23 April 2008


reading hani's entry on my ultimate vice.. beauty products.. made me smile. m glad i gave her good poison. elise told me i may get the miss moisturizer of the year when we were in siem reap. cos the 2 lara crofts had the time of their life laughing at my packing list. ala.. tapi ade gak orang curi body whip aku tu.. *LOL*

so please dont try to imagine what is in my hantaran box for toiletries. its unimaginable *grin* m a sucker for moisturizers, scrubs, masks, mists, everything!

so before i headed for Bandung last weekend.. i made an online purchase via Bali Lulur. i never knew lulur is that complicated. due to the tight schedule, i couldn't western union her fast enough. but adry was nice enough to help me pay for it before we arrived. hee.. now i have 6 tubs of lulur in the bathroom.. to help my skin gleam like a fish on the big day *LOL* Bali Lulur has tons of goodies in the portal... i was just so tempted to splurge.. but i didn't want to add to the already merry heavy load.

then it got me thinking.. maybe i should start blogging bout all this.. m getting very2 sick of blogging about wedding.. another mention of the W word&i'll have purple pukes..

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