Friday, 11 April 2008

M for melancholy..

i think my hormons are finally getting to me.. this is definitely a melancholic day. tskk sob sob.

as i get to work early today.. (this week direct wa bukak opes.. magic gile).. i opened bestie's blog. to my surprise.. tak bersawang lately.. woohoo! then i found out she's going back to work.. does that mean she might be missing my big day? *frown*

her next post (maybe we should start blaming her now hehe) was about her childhood house. which, was a big part of my childhood as well. i remember it like the back of my hand. every corner.. every detail. including the scary banana tree. funny, just last month i was driving by searching for a mushroom mansion for caveman&i... i couldn't find it!! i was in the right stretch.. but i just cant figure out which one *sobsob* this entry made me miss her even more. and i miss my tall munchkin too cos the three of us seemed to be attached too much to the bogey man at the banana tree.. teehee!

sigh.. i missed my childhood too. yep.. everything was simple. we didn't have much.. but in a way we have it all.. *emo..emo*

btw.. yummy mummy.. tall munchkin's house.. is muchhhhhhhh easier to find..! though the routes have all changed. *grin*

well.. i guess im the only who's still here. same house even. senanng kan.. for my old peeps to find me besok2 dah tua *LOL*

i get the same remarks over & over again .. "get out of this place".. "uve been here all ur life".. "tak boring ke".. when i was much2 younger (i.e. 23ish&stuck in a rut).. i would go "yela.. boringg.. blabla"...

maybe when i first got back here after uni.. it was boring as hell. i mean, my peeps are no longer here.. my uni peeps are soo far away from me. i dont know anyone but my parents. my then boyfriend was far. but as years passed.. this whole place changed bit by bit.. and m liking it here. i've made some really2 nice peeps.. and my workmates both we transfered to my office.. which made me really2 happy. although they suffered a bit at first, in adjustment *LOL* but they've both settled down & even got their own mushroom mansions of their own, right here in mushroom land a.k.a manjung *grin*

and yes, to add to her entry.. sitiawan is a great place to raise a family. to which, ive consistently reminded caveman. its waayyyyyyyyyyyyy better then selayang *LOL* i wish he'd made some really good mates too.. *winks*

thanks yummymummy for the wikimapia... but my house is not in it.. *frown* .. my office is! *LOL* but the best part is.. my InsyaAllah mushroom house is in! 1 whole lot of it! *chicken dance*

*mushroom house*
*umah soto best a.k.a kak ila*

i think i found bestie's house.. but m not too sure.. hmm...


a yummy mummy handbook said...

gawd....u made me cry!! uwaaaa........i miss you babe!!!...the nervousness of going to work and your entree about our childhood just makes me weep!!....and i haven't wept for along time....uwaaaaa!!!

seweng said...

i miss my childhood days too...sobsob...sedeyyyy...

little miss kechik said...

yea. funny how our silly childhood now makes us cry. my gawd i feel old *LOL*