Sunday, 6 April 2008

new kids back on the block?

ok.. ok... m obsessing.. but then again.. gimme some credit.. these men were a h.u.g.e part of my childhood. i have pins, posters, all the albums, tee shirts, everything that's on print( boo hoo no internet back in the 80's & 90's), what else? i screamed.. i cried... i loved them. and i loved (past tense ok) jordan. i know besties both love joe "makan"tyre..

my kid bro teased bout me buying a ticket to watch their reunion.. *LOL* .. takkannn..... !! but watching em now, and listening to their music all over again..made me smile. really. i love my childhood.

so watch this.. these 2 Access producers were a fan back then too.. and i think if besties & i were to do this.. we probably do the same (ngaku cepattttttttt!!!)

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