Wednesday, 2 April 2008

slummy mummy

over the weekend.. i found this book.. which, could be the answer to yummy mummy. slummy mummy i think, is what most mummies are.. unlike yummy mummy.. what most mummies wants to be.. (oklah, minus miss cairo the tai tai!)

but i didnt buy it cos i just bought this super fat interior deco book.. *swoooonnnn* but i think i should've gotten the book... oughta be funny.. like yummy mummy.

anyways.. this book reminded me of my friend.. not that she's slummy.. but she has 5 kids.. that's super mummy if you ask me. an truly a tai tai.. she's the kind who would open her mouth & hubby buys it all.. she used to tell me..someday.. i'll be in that position.. hahahah! i didnt believe her, of course, knowing caveman. haha!

well.. i opened my little mouth & told caveman about the new D60. *plingggg!!!!* here it is now in la la land.. my fab D60. woohoo!! ofcourse, m not sure if i can use it now, since its part of the hantaran. but then hands are itchinnNnnnn!

so when i got my tiffany... i practically showed him allllllllll the collection that i luv.. hoping he gets my "subtle" message. overrated. *LOL* now he thinks m crazy. hahaha!

but m hopefuls.. m sure there's a way in getting things our way. if witchy ros can do it.. so can i... hahaha! and i know yummymummy cant wait to turunkan ilmu.. hahah!


a yummy mummy handbook said...

must read!!!...but i have find it here 1st!

babe..i know how to make sushi!!! woohoo!

little miss kechik said...

i jumpe pun kat popular, mph tarak pun. hmm. sushi? aii.. diet nampak.. hehe!