Thursday, 3 April 2008

that time of the month..

its time to service my aircond actually.. its been giving me funny smells the first few seconds upon ignition. knowing my nose is THE nose *grin*, i dragged myself out of bed 30mins too early, just in time to drop the car to the service centre & wait for kak ila to pick me up.

i had a gut feeling someone's gonna comment on how i look today..cos i was feeling blergh when i look in the mirror right before i jumped into the bat mobile.

true enough.. as i handed my keys to the Toyota chick.. she said.. "akak, akak expecting ke?"

yes.. expecting my car keys back. NOW!


nasib la m in such a good mood, cos i know m meeting kak ila's 4 year old cheeky princess, aqilah. so i told her.. (beli jiwa) " ha ah. tensen. makan banyak. V**i dah kurus ek? "

so she promotely la Herbalife. gile2 wa cakap lu. *LOL* macam tau2 je aku stress sebab nak amik baju pengantin tu.. 6 months in advance. biasala.. super planner. the seamstress texted me last week "baju kamu sudah siap semuanya. cantik sekali"

but i seriusly think the RM300++ per month.. is worth more somewhere else.

*sigh* time to hit the padang terbang

p/s : check out this video though.. pretty neat

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