Tuesday, 20 May 2008

1st day at work

being away for almost a week from work has been.. bliss *LOL*

but as i find myself in my cubicle..(yes, the work was piling over to the next cubicle).. i was all stressed out again. and it's not even 9.30!! files were everywhere.. the mails were not in their place..sexyback kept coming at me w/ more & more requests..


and why is it that all airlines portal cannot be accessed for bookings????

MAS, Airasia.. even Cebu Pacific.. (m googling Boracay Island.. woohoo!!)

on Boracay... what can i say.. i've been getting a lot of quotes since i visited their official website and submitted the tentative itinerary dates.. from luvly small inns to one of the best spa in the Philippines.. lovely.. lovely!

problem is.. i can't check the flight details.. i know cebu pacific flies to Caticlan.. but it goes to Manila first..then caticlan..

back to work.. kerja kerja hari hari kerja!

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