Monday, 5 May 2008

jalan jalan carik obat..

ok.. ok.. my feets are itching again.. i know i just got back from Bandung.. but that was a mission trip.. not jalan2 trip..

as i watch another episode of destinasi bajet on 8Tv.. (yummymummy.. the host is CHi??!!!? u knowww.....??? that Chii... *LOL* lis.. jangan buat2 tak kenal. aku upload gambor korang kang) .. i kept thinking to myself.. how come none of my peeps ever wanna do a backpacking .. or whatever kind of trip .. around our own country. i myself did Java.. and didn't even consider Malaysia.


i know caveman is not a fan of backpacking trips... but then again... if i fine tune it .. say.. a road trip w/ the bat mobile & pish posh cribs..? *LOL*

interesting ei?

will come out with the details soon.. (maybe during my 3 day course next week.. hahaha)


a yummy mummy handbook said... he still around??kekeke...saper kate i taknak backpack?? & lis did one time to cherating hahaha.....remember lis..the bunk bed incident!!! kahkahkah....ateh go ask her!

little miss kechik said...

1. yes, still around.. still look the same..haha!
2. bunk bed?? ahahaaha! ish.. really should look into this backpack thingy..