Saturday, 10 May 2008

Slummy Saturday

waking up late feels great. hee. i've been up really early on most weekends lately.. but this weekend.. i get to chill.. ahhh... nice..

i have set up an appointment for my facial & massage today.. its my 1st time doing the hot stone massage. i dont know if it is supposed to be of that kind of pressure.. or the therapist is feeling bored & find my voluptuous curves too good to be massaged lightly (LOL).. but it was painful for me. everytime my face twitch.. she will ask "sakit ke?" well.. d'uh...

the hot stone part.. i like.. especially on my back.. but not on my calves. siap merah2 lagi.. although i didnt feel it was that warm.

the facial was good, as usual.. minus the blackhead/whitehead extraction part.. as usual..

i think i'll stick to my balinese massage anytime *grin*

after the 3 hour facial&spa, my parents & i went to kopitiam for tea cum dinner.. and head out to the furniture & lighting stores.. to give abah a better idea of what the mushroom house going to be. his expertise in renovation is definitely a plus.. with caveman being away on most of the process.. i need someone who knows about renovation around. you know these contractors love to rip little missy like me.

i hope the weekend has been good for you peeps too...

p/s : i miss caveman... :(

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