Saturday, 30 August 2008

at last..

i am elated. no words or any photobucket photos can describe how i feel.

all i can say is... all the hard work since April has been worth it. every sweat, tears, migrain, and of late.. flu & phlegm *LOL*.

many said i was crazy to proceed with it in the first place. with the wedding and all... i'd definitely lost it. well.. i did. at some point. but nothing crazy passion cant fix.

our hard earned cash was well spent. i can't wait to share it w/ my favourite people.

but the best part of it all was when caveman told me ..

"great job babe..success gile!"


Indispensable_poe said...

WELL DONE!!! CONGRATS!!! If you quit your banking job you can now be an ID consultant cum wedding planner.

fififlafla said...

great job beb!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

kat mana ni beb???

Fieran said...

Congrats :) The photos are awesome.

little miss kechik said...

yea.. i think i should quit my banking job. *LOL* ofcourse.. i wouldn't know who would bank on this idea. hehehe!

Hani said...

congrats babe!
duno if anyone else can do what u did..RESPECT aaaa

qwazymonkey said...

Chehwah beb! Boleh audition untuk Casa Impain dah. So bila nak kerja ngan ASTRO nie?

Anyway, kau pon buat komik jugak hai? Hehehe! But seriously, well done on the home. Think Elise&Ivan would need help now. LOL

little miss kechik said...

astro should hire me.. but must also pay for high medical expenses la (migrain.. hahah)

anywaysss... mine just dont seem to work laa.. the end result came out to be super tiny in size. how? tu yang stretch satu macam tu. that's what happen when we cilok idea orang.. *LOL*