Sunday, 3 August 2008

little miss sleepy

with the auditors around.. i couldn't update the blog at the office.

with the damn broadband always disappointing.. i couldn't update the blog at home either..

i was away for the weekend.. supposedly for a wedding. but mom&cousin were more enthusiastic about the Nilai trip. the hubbies just tag along. the soon to be hubby? managed to come up w/ an escape plan *LOL*

we went to the wedding.. just minutes after another shopping trip at macy's. but as the car boot (and back seat) is filled to the roof, i had no choice but to drag caveman to sungai besi next weekend. yes, i'll be in town next weekend too. last call for the wedding & mushroom pad shopping trip.

the wedding? yes, it was good. apart from the fact that i was dragged to it. i only went because my grandma was there (yes miss fyfy, both yours & mine were there)..

m driving to ipoh tomorrow.. at 7am!! sexyback just had to do this to me. blergh!! but let's just see how it goes.. when no one's loooking... heheheh!


your blogsphere sedare ;p said...

weehuuu so u was around last week! why not texting me? ;p we can meet up sumwhere =(

little miss kechik said...

sorry la blogsphere kazen.. so busy la. i didnt even get to say hello to maklang. my mom je dapat.. hee. and i couldnt explain to tok nyak about how i met u.. u should the look on her face.. haha!