Monday, 25 August 2008

mushroom pad

trust me.. getting a home aint funny. i dunno how my parents did it back then.. but m sure it wasn't as stressful as what we went through now. my parents, being very simple minded.. had everything done on a very laid back mode. abah's favourite colour was green.. so he painted it all green. mama doesn't like.. but she bear w/ it for over 15 years *LOL* we kids? couldn't give a damn. it was the coolest house ever. with our big green fish pond.

it started with the hunt. MMS to caveman became a routine. imagine picking a house via MMS?? finally found 1 i like.. at a price i like.. but it was green. my childhood flashed infront of me. but hei.. it doesnt have to be green this time, right? hence.. then name mushroom pad *LOL*

i tell ya.. no matter how much you want to help a friend.. don't. when it comes to work that it. especially when you need the work done super fast. especially when it comes to money. especially when you a banker yourself *grin* that was my first mistake. it was really stressful teaching someone about his job. i could've done it myself, if only m not doing it for myself.

next... get a really good solicitor. good means wicked time frame & cheap. yes, they do exist.

next.. find a contractor. this was a 50-50. good as he was abah's long time friend. bad when he took it for granted and the renovation busted its time frame. he took his own sweet time on it. long enough for caveman to come home to wires all over the ceiling & nothing else was done, 3 months after he first started his job. 3. i kid you not.

here's why internal decorators costs a bomb : they take away your pain *LOL*

this was what kept me blinking at night.. my house plan... :

The Before and After of the My La La Land..

Lighting. Or, penataan cahaya as my caveman refers it to (i kid you not). never have i thought it would be stressful. lamps, right? ceiling? pendant? chandeliers? down lights? wall? safety? energy saving? and.. please decide & buy before your plaster ceiling man and wiring man does his work. trust me, its worth doing things before hand.

next.. fixtures. the renovation on the bathroom was supposed to be the easiest. its a loo, right? wrong! i go around with the house plan & measuring tape, and plan, plan, plan. lucky me the tokey kedai bilik ayor was super kind & helped me plan it.

The Loo of the La La Land.. from a 3 x 7 ft to a 7 x 7 ft mini spa (i was told that fish from fish spa is RM3 sekor.. anyone? hehe). i haven't got the latest photo of it, as the one in my HP camera is pretty bad.

paint. have it my way i'd have it all in the shades of white. aaaa.. white, easy you say.. wrong! there are probably 1,000 types of white.. same as there are 1,000 shades of brown. caveman's favourite colour. yes, he's very domesticated.

hmm.. what else.. aaa the outdoors. caveman, being very domesticated.. wanted it all brown & green (green as in w/ plants). sigh. from 1 gate to no change of gate.. to pasang cable dulu.. to change gate again.. to 2, 1 gate.. eh no.. we need 2 sliding auto gate. i want wood but not wood. stressful? only a weee bit of migraine starts kicking in. nothing ayam goreng McD cant fix *wink*

by now the house plan has been xeroxed probably a thousand times. and distributed to the contractor la.. orang tukang cat la.. orang lampu la.. orang wiring la.. orang pasang aircond la.. helpful indeed. so peeps, always have 1 ready.

currently, it has been repainted. today we'll be sending over all the electrical appliances, including the lamps. yey!! tapi tu la.. part paling tak best.. the clean up session would be during ramadhan.. *sob sob*

elves? anyone?


Anonymous said...

heyy woman,

what a nice house u got there(!)..can't wait to see the complete version of this mushroom pad..;) keep us updates! mane tauu nak tiru2 idea..hehe..mine sucks..tight budget so forget about reno ..blurgggghh..


Indispensable_poe said...

totally understand how you feel. look at the brighter side, at least your folks are there to help out if you need them to. i was cheapskate too, or actually couldn't affort an ID. so i had to co-ordinate all of them. and the day the tiles people came, my electrician ran off as in MIA for real. i think he was owing some people lots of money and he ran away with some of my lamps. so i needed an emergency electrician to do wiring before the tiles are laid. get some part time cleaners to clean up!!! the thing with new houses, you need at least 2 rounds of serious cleaning before you could get rid of all those sawdust etc.

little miss kechik said...

MIA? my gawd. how creepy is that? urghh.. lamps.. most of my bulbs don't match.. i dunno how or why. hee! the first round of clean up is promised by my contractor this saturday. so me being mandur will go & kepo2 that day. the next round will be during puasa, i guess. uwaa!!

Anonymous said...

zaila..buat la close up of your kitchen..looks nice!!..