Sunday, 21 September 2008

online frenzi

all i need is a new sling bag.. a new hot shoe.. a new super kewl sandal / slippper.. and a new maxi dress to bask around in Seminyak. don't ask why. found a link with numerous online shops.

yes.. m that stressed out *LOL*

p/s : i think i should browse through the links that makes Ts. m making a "bridezilla" tee..


Hani said...

what a great link..
gives me a good idea for my dream shop

fyamk said...

can i have that T one then =)

little miss kechik said...

aaww... you are a bridezilla too?


i so should make one don't you think? will let you know if i succeed..

p/s : hani..will be your first customer.. cepat bukak kedai tu! hehe