Saturday, 20 September 2008

wish list...hee

yes.. m sure you know where m heading.

pressiess.. pressies.. i luvvvvv pressies. and i've been getting a lot of " what do you want for your wedding" of late.

for those who knows me all too well.. knows that i never shy away from that question. you know la..that particular question will usually be replied w/ :

"ala.. takpela. tak payah susah2. datang je"
" eerr... (pastu buat muka malu2)"
"aaa ape ek? (pastu terus citer ape2 yang berkaitan dengan mende yang die nak)"

but me.. nooo.. i may not talk that much (i have my moods) but when it comes to presents.. i sure know what i want. no, m not vain or kerek or whatever.. i just love making life simple for my peeps. for the hardest thing in the world is probably buying gifts. especially for people who are very anal (oops) about it.

since i've already sent tall munchkin on a desperate & irritating search of a mail box (tell me when you're ready to give up lis).. and yummymummy got me a super i - dunno - how - many-thousand - thread - count egyptian cotton bed spread (and so did my cousin uda).. and mummy dearest gave me a luvvvly set pinggan mangkuk berbunga hydrangea.. so.. cut those from your list ye people. *LOL*

anything else for the mushroom pad would be highly appreciated..

moga dimurahkan rezeki... Amin...

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