Wednesday, 15 October 2008

between the lines..

Dear family and friends..

You rekindled the family ties when you pat us on our back & said.. welcome to the family..

You took us back to our childhood when you gave us that smile we've known since forever..

You reminded us of our good old days when we huddled & grinned for the photographs..

You barely knew us but held our hands & braved it all to be there..

You touched our hearts with your big hugs & warm wishes..

Thank you for being there on our big day. We can't thank you enough.

Much love..

Ridhuan & Zaila


led said...


hehe..congrats again ye! one of the best wedding reception i ever shoot =]

ajarla deorg..bleh wat geng..ahahaha

little miss kechik said...

haha.. my well fed afro photogs.. we luvv yaaa!!