Monday, 3 November 2008

2nd project..

death by chocolate at kafe wayan... the best chocolate cake. EVER!

our crib..

nice innit..

only in bedugul.. they call it bedugul flowers..

only in bedugul..

waroeng.. yummy nasik goreng..

kintamani at its best..

yes... that is exactly what you think he's doing... *LOL*

my first (miserable) dslr project was the cameron's. now.. dengan excited nya.. i dragged my D60 to our hornymoon.. all excited to take photos.

after a while.. i start to give up. obviously i havent gone through the manual.. and consistent YM w/ the Jangguttouch team havent helped much. but i had fun shooting away.. hee..

more photos at my flickr


Hani said...

dis is all too yummy!!
so did u book the flight and hotel seperately?
and when did u engage the guide?..b4 or after u arrived in Bali?
never stepped foot there..duno how to go about

little miss kechik said...

i booked the flights in july.. the driver in aug (i think) and the hotels in september.. all separately..

tripadvisor works wonders babe.. ;)