Sunday, 16 November 2008

domesticated (trying)

lis.. this was a normal red one.. caveman & my uncle sprayed it white. hee!

ni gua tanam ni johnnnnn!!!

that blue thing (writer's block peeps.. bear with me) was placed there, being a rain catchment area.

no.. no.. m not there yet. i was just bored. and depressed. with the thought of my grandmother ( she is recuperating well, i heard and the operation will go as scheduled) as well as the thought of going back to work after a month of sabatical (probably the longest leave i've taken in 6 years!).. i turn to my little garden to chill.

after 4 days of unattended days (the rain didn't seem to help much), the new periwinkle did not survive. now i only have 1 pot left .. huuhuuu i hate! the japanese roses were blooming, on the other hand. i know vow to only plant those. hee!

i remembered when i was 10.. you know back in those days where every class has to outdo the other class by revamping the classrooms.. and landscapes? well.. i was the one who stole my dad's japs roses & plant them.. and it grew by the shrubs!!! and we won.. ofcourse.

back to the future (of course).. i no longer have the green hands (fingers?). so today i put on my gloves and replant a few japs roses.abah said.. cut & plant..we'll see how it goes..

as for now.. these photos are pretty cool innit? yes.. that is my mushroom..

p/s : i found a few mushrooms making their grand entrance at the garden. hee. but i didn't get to take its photos as abah was quick on the spade to make way for the roses mak gave me.


Hani said...

wa tanam pegaga dlm pasu gantung..
lawa gak beb

khemy said...

eii..jangan pandang belakang..
achut tak duduk sesorang?

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little miss kechik said...

pegaga? which one is that e..? kat area my house (and neighbour's).. ada banyak this tiny2 daun bulat.. supposedly it grew a lot in kawawasan2 banyak air.. itu ke?