Tuesday, 18 November 2008

monday tuesday forever blues..

1. yes.. m back to work. sucks. sangat. but sexyback is not around. so that's a huge relieve. during my absence.. they have set up this new modus operandi thingy. which, as always, is a very tall order. 2 hours into my first day (yesterday, monday) i was already given a new dateline. thursday. crazy. a whole paper by thursday. a new hotel in the island. crap. today, i still haven't started.

2. the operation went well, i was told. it was sent to the lab to see if it is cancerous. shall know the dreading result tomorrow. sigh..

3. my cubicle.. was a big mess on monday. now.. woohhh... i think the home organization of the mushroom has rubbed in on the cubicle. hahaha! ofcourse.. the wedding centrepiece.. which i only have 1 (a SPECIFIC cousin took 8!!8!! lucky she's a darl.. hee) is now my cubicle's centre piece. and cik molly forced me to do 1 more for her. it is by the way her idea. heee....

4. consecutively.. preparing breakfast for abah & i was a breeze. but nothing that need to be baked please. hahahaahh! and i manage to wake up as early as possible to water my pretty flowers.. NOT! *LOL* heii... on monday it rained.. on tuesday.. abah ada kan.. ahhahah!

5. its a bit odd not having anything to plan for 2009. then.. BAMMM! i was given the very dry fact that drains the life out of me. now 2009 seemed even more complex then 2008. sangat tensen memikiorkannye. but as i was YMing fififlafla about our 2009 resolution (this one we must keep).. we might as well look fab while doing it. and yes, my new bob is fabulousss darlliinn....! heee!

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