Saturday, 29 November 2008

my tiny joy.. he's 7 & throws one of the worst tantrums. but the moment i held him when he was less then 30 days old..m in love.

the past weeks have been rough. under my wonder woman skin.. i cried like a baby & seriously considered flying to Labuan to be with caveman.

until, of course, my baby darry came around. not only his deep dimples cheers me up when i came home from work with *blerghh* heavy head. but with the presence of bibik the super helper.. i get 10 days off of domestic goddess chores *LOL*


of course there were moments were i clenched my teeth, bite my tounge & ignore his drama queen moments. but i understand where he's coming from. like mama always said.. they have no idea how to get it out of their system. we are their system.

today his 1o days vacation is done. we played the lasts round of UNO (he also has improved so much in dam aji heheehe) & as usual i let him win la. hee.

i return to an empty home. again.

sigh.. i miss him already..


Khemy said...

chop! aku first commentator!

little miss kechik said...

welcome home lady.. heehee!