Friday, 14 November 2008

up and coming..

another wedding photography entry.... bear with me, this photos are all that's cheering me up lately, ok.

on the wedding day.. i notice one of the photogs who came w/ waq of the jangguttouch, seemed very familiar. a local, i presume. and i started thinking, could he be my guest cos he looked just so familiar. mana la tau aritu aku ilang ingatan cket kan.

turn out he was waq's former client as well as friend (yes, m a a very friendly bride *LOL*). he has included the photos in his fotopages. and it was fabs. as always.

thanks mate..!! and peeps.. watch out for this one.. he's pretty good at it ..


flush said...

thanks for the credit..
tp i xtau nak bg all the pictures to you.. because all in softcopy format.. none are printed out..

i'll email to you k..

yayafrdz said...

bestnyaa pict...i likeee...hihi

hidden.wing said...

congrats mrs bride & thanks for droppin by. cake tiffany & co itu mmg marvellous and so does your dress :) btw, we shared same interest in wedding theme lah - tiffany blueee, cooool!