Tuesday, 16 December 2008

cak cak cak cak!!!!

ooo main kasar ye...


ok..ok.. m not a fan. TRUST ME!!! *LOL* i needed an outlet to distract along from the fact that we had to send him back to the other opah's place.. as we're going back home south.

its so sad to see him cry.. and cry.. for more than 2 hours.. and his eyes were all swollen from the crying..

so what do a super aunty do...? i've been doing nothing but scream at them for "pimping" the mushroom.. so think aunty think..! we turn to the movies of course. mind you.. that creepy cinema arasu in s'wan has been pimped into a real cinemas. with real popcorn & coke & and no pee smell! seriously. *LOL*

at the mention of cicak man... both crying and un-crying boys got excited.. and the crying and grumbling (baby is a huge whiner.. and carik pasal taiko) stops. on one condition.. opah (my mom) must come with us *wakkakak*..

the next day.. opah dengan excitednye.. bawak beg sebesor mungkin.. (which actually fit 2 kfc and 1 box of nuggets) grab her shawls and we headed to the cinemas.

the moment it started.. (it was the first movie experience for along and the third for baby).. tercengan tiga2 mulut. tiga includes opah la.. the last she was in a movie was with abah.. some 40 good years ago *grin*

the movie was a blast for the kids.. for me.. its an overgrown cicak with a wicked female villain whose laugh is pissing me off... opah kata she almost went deaf.. "takleh suh slow cket ke??? tobat akuuu" hahahahaha!

all in all.. it was fun taking the kids out. kesian along.. bengkak je kena balik lekir. but what can we do. if baby wasn't so notorious.. we would've taken them back to kluang. but i don't think its the right time for some school holiday trip.

i am now the official member of movie chaperon for the under 12.


lagi satu usaha mengurangkan merajuk.. anak2 dapat chill kat bilik mamateh.. tapi kena gulung undies.. hahahhaha! heii.. they had fun ok..!

here are some proof.. along jadik orang tua la.. baby jadik otromen.. (common la tu kan... cita2 every 4 year olds)


Hani said...

comelnyer gulung undies!!
adik wan does that all by himself..xyah suruh sumtimes :D
this weekend my turn lak cak..cak..cakk!

yayafrdz said...

cutenyaa...haha...aktiviti yg best utk budak2...

Twiggy said...

look at them so obedient rolling undies! HAHAHAHAHA!!