Monday, 1 December 2008


1st its the frog... then its the mozzies.. mind you.. our mushroom never.. and i seriously mean NEVER has any mozzies.

the next i know.. after the brisk walking session (i have to ok... have to.. now drop it!!).. i return home to a fogged up mushroom. according to abah.. the neighbour was just discharged for dengue. and now they're fogging the neighbours. aduhhhh..

the floors are now sticky. eeeeeeee!!!!

yangggggg................i need a maid



Khemy said...

chop..first commentator

Khemy said...

zaila, i think last time there was a swamp in front of the area (not?) or simply your neigbour's maid forgot to clear the drain..maybe

little miss kechik said...

yep.. there still is. but my house takde mozzies. my bet is on his workplace. he's with the port. nuff said huh..