Wednesday, 25 February 2009

40 days..

it has been 40 days.. and due to immense emotional melt down..mama is back in kluang.. so she can visit mak's grave everyday. i don't blame her. i wish i could too.

you see within 40 days, the soul of the demised will still return to their family's .. to see if you remember them (in a way of reciting the yasin, fatihah, etc).. and what not. that's why within 40 days you could almost feel them around. because they are. and sebab kubur arwah wangi.. sometimes it lasts only for 40 days. some for months. i have an aunt, the smell is still there until now. years later.

so this morning she mms me this photo. almost made me cry. almost. i know i shouldn't the blue diamond i planted was still there. yey.

mama bagitau kubur mak wangi lagi.

to all you peeps who have heard on the fact some people do get their grave smelling really2 good (the smell is very difficult to describe..very flowery but not overwhelming), here is what i conclude (from observation of arwah mak & other relatives who has had it) :

1. berzikir (she once told us the tasbihat is the easiest.. and the best .. subhannallah, alhamdullilah, la ila ha illallah, allahuakbhar)
2. jangan cerita keburukan suami

there were others... but the majority reason was this.

so.. take heed peeps. insyaAllah..

tazkirah plak gua pagi2.. hehe!


z.a.i.n.u.r said...

InsyaAllah... :)

hanieharis said...

sekejapnye dah 40 hari...=(

little miss kechik said...

yea.. jap je ek..?

little miss kechik said...

by the way.. in 40 days.. row belakang of her kubur is already full. masa kebumi aritu.. her lane was the last.. and hers was the last too.

something to think about e...


日月神教-任我行 said...
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