Tuesday, 17 February 2009


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ok.. now i know m nuts..

when i was a kid.. my mom (and her besties of Tmn Hijau) grew lots of flowers. petunias, hydrangeas and another favourite of the kids.. the sunflower. arwah aunty leha had a hugeee one in her garden.. which was scary as it stood there, its black middle staring at us. but i loved it nevertheless.

last week.. i was at this mini supermarket.. and saw a pack of sunflower seeds. i was excited to see it & brought it home.. to a more excited mama. she was like "ooo ni la palingg senanggg!!" *LOL* my dad was already imagining them protruding out of my gate, teehee..

within days.. my sunflowers of 8 have been growing on a seriously fast turnaround time. even kak ila loved it as her late mother also loved sunflower & had tons of them in her garden.

so if anyone know where i can get those giant sunflowers seeeds .. do let me know (on ebay its pretty pricey cos its not from here)..

korang sok jangan tak jupe pagar umah guaa.... hahaha!

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