Tuesday, 31 March 2009


ever since my mom found i was pregnant ( in my 4th week)... she consistently told me (more like a warning) to keep my temper down.

thy shall not bark. or bite.

or so it seems.

but i've been doing well so far. all the books caveman & mama got me have been helpful. with friendly advises from, surprisingly, my friends whom are super daddies.. to recite a number of Surah from the Al Quran.. and have listed the zikir (including the Asma Ul Husna.. which actually have helped me conceived) that i should get use to.

so i've got my temper under control, for now. but being in the Bank.. it is part of the job to get barked at, too. amazingly, all i've been doing is smile at it. it ain't a ride in the park i tell ya. one client was going :

"you people aaahh.. should think if i were to settle my loan.. where will you find a customer like us? you better think aaah!!"

*senyum.. dlm ati.. gi mampos laaa!!!*

yesterday.. i was ambushed by my least favourite client. and it was not my fault.. but when he couldn't get through my boss (and the other boss).. gua la kena sembur kan..

"if this is the way you people are behaving... telephone tak angkat.. sms tak reply.. i will liquidate all my certs and settle my facility!!"

*ye captain(he was in the navy).. i understand how you're feeling.. dalam ati : see if you could survive without the maxed out OD of RM1.85m dude!!!! plus... i did that stupid paper for your stupid resort.. and wasn't even invited to your stupid launch!!*

angry Pictures, Images and Photos

it does in a way took a toll on me.. when i decided to not retaliate.. (it will get nasty & i dont want munchkin to turn out like them garbage).. it's all stuck in my system. takes a whole night to finally get over it.

i guess i haven't turn to the Quran enough to actually remain serene. hee.

Note :

1. Read Surah Lukman (to pop a little genius), Surah Yusuf (for beautiful babies) and Surah Maryam (for easy peasy labour)
2. there are many2 useful ones from the asma al husna.. Ya Khaliq, Ya Bari' , Ya Musawwir (fore pretty munchkins & safe delivery).. Ya Jalil (for a safe pregnancy).. Ya Raqib (to avoid miscarriage..)


Indispensable_poe said...

don't worry it's ok. when i was pregnant, i used it as a green card to lash out at everyone. my swearing vocab was used extensively.

i so understand how much worse u feel when dealing with customers because for sure you can't say pukimak

little miss kechik said...

that's exactly what i soooo wanted to say... *LOL*

now my vocab is reduced to "bingung!!" or "monyet" and progressing to "pandai betul la kau ni (clenched everything)"

flush said...

hoho.. congrat kecik.. dah pregnant ye..