Thursday, 26 March 2009

you'll never walk alone..

no... i have not turned to footie to divert my always hungry symptoms. although caveman is over the moon with the current liverpool performance *bosan*

but i was really concern on the way my tummy have been behaving. and although almost all my pregger (and preggered) peeps convinced me that it is normal... m not convinced.. cos i seriously think none of them put on 4kg in 2 weeks.

so i posted an question on Yahoo!Answer & amazingly got some really good less then an hour *wee*

Your Open Question

Pregnant & hungry, all the time! the kilos are rushing in!?

i'm only 6 weeks pregnant and have put on 4kg since i found out i'm pregnant 2 weeks ago. i'm just hungry all the time, at an interval of an hour, or less! if i don't eat, i'll just get this heartburn feel, which will lead to gassy & bloaty feeling. it is just painful.

is this normal? or am i just giving into my hormons, a tad too much?

  • Yes I am about 6-7 weeks as well and Im STARVING all the time. Things dont fill me up like they used to, and instead of slowly feeling hungry, I just go from hungry to STARVING very fast. Its pretty crazy.
    Lucky for me, I am pretty slim and have always had good metabolism so I am not really gaining too much from my extra eating.

    Im pretty sure this is normal though. I think its a good sign that you are hungry. Ive heard from others that this can subside after the 1st trimester.
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  • I'm 6 weeks, and all I want to do is eat! & same here, when I don't eat, I begin to feel bloated & gassy... Before getting pregnant, it was rare I'd be gassy, and now every morning, I am! Lol :)
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  • OMG that's exactly what happened to me. I was an eating machine :)

    I have to eat every 2 hours, and I was REALLY gassy for many weeks but now that's gone away (hooray). Honestly, I think it's preferable to barfing down the loo every few hours; I'd rather be eating. Just make it healthy stuff, not junk, and you'll be fine. Try a small glass of apple juice if you find yourself suddenly hungry. It will stop the heartburn while you make your next snack or meal.

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  • Yes, it's very least it was for me. I'm 16 weeks pregnant. During my entire first trimester I thought I would starve to death!!! I had to eat all the time and could put down major portions!

    It does get better though. I never had too much morning sickness. I just couldn't get enough to eat. Relax and feel blessed that you're not hanging over the toilet, at least not yet.

    Good luck with your pregnancy and the birth!


    16 weeks into my 4th pregnancy.
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  • when ur pregnant u eat like u cannot believe because the baby has to grow..... enjoy
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  • It's probably just the hormones. I was quite nausea during my 1st trimester so I didn't gain an ounce, that being said...4kg!! Girl- I think we might need to evaluate what you are eating if you are starving within an more fiber and protein- (apples, breads, cereals, milk, yogurt, cheese, meats) it will help you stay full longer. Also make sure you are drinking lots and lots of will help too.

    That being said are you under, normal or overweight...this will need to be put into consideration also...under (eat more) normal or over (eat better selections).

    I'm almost 14weeks...and I have days were I just can't eat enough...and days were I hardly eat...I wake up and have to eat something...I just love the starving feeling...or the dizziness from low blood sugars.

    Oh ya- I could eat broccoli, cauliflower, or onions in my first tri as it made me quite gassy and bloated...just watch what you eat and you'll find a pattern and learn to avoid certain foods!

    It does get better though!

    Congrats and good luck!


    ~14wks with #1
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  • I agree it's normal. I was the same way. It helps to eat often if you can, keeps you from getting sick.
    And my personal opinion is if you start of the pregnancy relatively thin your body is just making sure you get enough calories and nutrients. I was a healthy weight when I got pregnant, but I don't think I really ate enough consistently everyday. So I gained weight quickly with this pregnancy, but I think I needed it.
    • 13 hours ago

  • It's normal and get used to it, it gets worse later on trust me.

    I'm 26 and a half weeks pregnant and i've put on 15kgs from eating all the time.
    • 12 hours ago
The Verdict

yey!! guess m not alone. and what i can conclude.. most of these ladies do not have morning sickness, like me (i only consider puking @ bowling over the loo is morning sickness, not nauseous *grin*)

until then, i've found a way to minimise my nauseating sensation in the morning.. have a cracker in bed.. before you get out of bed. it worked for mama.. and it was in the Book (will now be referred to as such). so i guess it should work la kan..



Ame O. said...

don't forget to take your prenatal vitamins though you're gaining weight with no problem. i only gained 0.5 lbs at my 12w2d checkup. i'm 15 weeks and still having hard time gaining weight and my OB keeps saying i need to gain 35 lbs.

i know pregnant women over there do like to munch on asam to help with morning sickness but don't overdo it on a daily basis because dried fruits have sulfites in them and it's not good for fetus early development. and stay away from any beauty products that has retinol, vitamin A as ingredient (used commonly to treat acne) because it can harm your fetus as well. i thought i'd share this with you.

little miss kechik said...

ergh yes, prenatal vits. yucky but had too.

oh yes they do.. which i've been forbidden by my hubby. so its strictly oranges for *tskk* i find the smell of the orange skin helped a lot..