Tuesday, 26 May 2009

and then the phone rang..

last week.. in the midst of my work blues (so what else is new..hee), the phone rang and it was yummymummy. wee! haven't spoken to her since lulu was about a week old, i think.

so we managed to cover many things in an hour (yes, we not only speed read.. but speed talk)... :

1. i thought she's leaving for cairo already & calling to say goodbye.. but turn out the trip is postponed (wee!).. but only because bubbles got the chicken pox (oh no!!). poor bubbles. i hope lulu & yummymummy are well quarantined now.

2. bubbles attended a nursery, which was how she got the poxy. i burst out laughing at the thought of bubbles cakap melayu. well.. m sure the singing part is just as cute. hee...

3. boobs. yes, we girls are very fascinated by it. from my growing out of my sports bra & itchy tits... to her bf sessions. and the scrub the nips seemed to help shed some dead skin on me own & reduce the itch la. woo!

4. clothes. huhu. we need to go shopping. the question is.. when?? *LOL* i so need some decent clothes. and no.. i have not fallen into the baju penguin trap. never!!!! muahhahha!

5. baby naming. we both agreed layla (born at night, dark beauty) is a great name. but both our mom have protested it, due to its meaning. or more like the symbolic behind the name. her mom said " nanti gelap je idup die..".. my mom said .."nanti anak dara ko suka kluar malam" *LOL* and rayyan is a good name for a boy. only because it sounded like ryan. giggs. get my drift? *teehee*

6. facebook. who on earth are...?? well.. tak kenal.. tapi.. approve je la. if their friends are our friends, m sure they were at our school. at some point. hahhahaha..

sigh. i miss her. i miss my peeps.

huhu. i need a hug. and a long holiday. and a shopping trip.


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