Sunday, 24 May 2009

and then there was the leg cramps..

yey... m in my 16th week.. alhamdullilah.. the bad smells are gone.. the nausea is gone. food is good again. yey.

but.. been getting leg cramps. my mom have warned me of these leg cramps. she told me back then abah would pull her legs up when she get one of those cramps in the middle of night. him, being a footballer and a sports junkie, are very good at anything related to injuries (self inflicting or otherwise.. hehe) of course, when he's off sailing.. she would just cry herself to sleep.


after some demo done.. m determined to do this decramping on my own. heh.

some nights ago i've been getting a couple of them.. of course.. between being sleepy and the pain.. it was all a blur.. should i flex my feet upwards.. or downwards?? damn! *lol* Some attempts worked.. some just left my calf hurting.

oh well.. at least i tried.. and it worked.. hehehe! i hope i could get the hang of it.. and not cry myself to sleep. that would've been sad, no?

sigh.. the life of a seaman's woman. teehee

by the way.. straightened those legs.. and flex them upwards peeps.

info on leg cramps at baby centre.

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