Saturday, 9 May 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8.. Plus 1?

saw this controversy on the net.. and E! couple of days ago... Jon Gosselin is having an affair. woo. i love this show.. wait.. i luv the kids, only. i hated the parents.. i thought the mom is a paranoid organizing compulsive freak.. the dad .. well.. i pity the guy. if i were to talk like that to caveman.. i know he's send me to the caves. teehee. but then again.. it would be unbelievably difficult to have 8 kids, right? but talking down to your hubby.. not only on national telly.. but the discovery channel? right.....

but we still don't know how far this goss is true.. it could all be for rating purposes.. hmm.. i googled them and it seemed there's even a blog hating them.. sigh..

Neither Jon nor Kate are currently employed. They reportedly earn their income from the show, public speaking appearances, and have recently published a book, "Multiple Blessings." Kate has been quoted as saying,"Our life is our show. Our show is our life." The Gosselins have even shared on their program that they have professional lighting installed throughout their central Pennsylvania home so that the home is better equipped for filming.

some people think its an exploitation to the children.. sigh...

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