Wednesday, 27 May 2009

major drama

after an extremely painful episode of heartburn & throwing up (there goes everything consumed between 6pm to 10.30pm) .. i fell asleep like an run down mummy.

worst.. i was still very sluggish & tired in the morning. the high fibre breakfast didn't seem to help. by 11, i was already in my office surau, taking a nap *hee*

i don't know what else could be wrong today.. i only had mee hun sup. no tea. i still get the acid reflux. uwaa.. i dont wanna gulp some gaviscon.. yucksss....

oh well.. suck it up girl & grow up!!! *LOL*

so how do i pick myself up again? hee.. some new yellow undies, and new pyjamas.. *LOL* yes ladies.. yellow. and i went for facials. i've been delaying them due to me super snores. yes, i snore even worst than my husband now. hahaha! so i didn't want it to be a malufying session. its so loud sometimes it woke myself up. seriously. but i went ahead today. i know i need one real bad.

for now.. m just very sleepy. yes.. even after those naps.


Khemy said...

kechik, my 2 cent, (kalo ko nak follow cara aku la..talking about experiences..hehe)
eat something that can absorb the acid (according to my doctor) like capati, roti nan, wholemeal bread, and treat your stomach like you are a gastric patient mean no no to acidic food like asam, tomyam, all the masam2 thingamajig etc. I know its hard, but its worth a try..cubalah..

emas_juita said...

kesiannye mcm2 dugaan preggers mum said (she had 9 months sickness)put your patience at the top and its worth.she survive to have 4 children eventho she neglect everything during pregnancy. congrats sis, at least you have the chance to carry someone's jr.hehehe......bukan sumer org dapat rase tau.

little miss kechik said...

yea.. now my menu is cut into half (tinggal suku je la kirenye).. no more tomatoes..nothing with chilli in them.. and everything else in the list. like my mom said.. well.. look on the bright side.. maybe u wont put on so much weight. hee. i doubt. hehe