Tuesday, 16 June 2009

and then there's work..

huh. june. i hate june. it one of those overworked months. but this year.. m just chillin it. who cares. bonus.. no bonus.. makes no different to me.. i am content. ewah. *LOL*

it was a fab morning though. finally got a call from caveman *swoon* ofcourse.. he's still not back in KSB.. satelite phones rocks! *grin* he was very surprised to hear i haven't (read : Haven't) bought anything for little munchkin. not even booties / mittens, he asked? well.. being pregnant, alone.. is already no fun. let's not make the shopping a misery. teehee..

sigh.. i miss my husband.

and.... risya corner emailed me saying the audrey i wanted is sooo available. *floats on jerebu* banyak pahala membahagiakan orang mengandung... heheheheheheh!

i went to get my monthly facial fix today.. and she offered to do my confinement massages. *wee* !!

sigh.. i shall a good sleep tonight. but wait....! my loo is under repair.. huuhuuu!

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