Saturday, 27 June 2009

a long day..

the aftermath of the gender bender of munchkin is finally over (polka dot leggings.. here we come!!!!) ..

came the news of the demise of the king of pop. sigh.. i was a big fan when i was a teeny tot.. i thought he was cool when he was still curly and brown and hidung penyek.. after that he's just weird. but after a while, the endless playlist of his songs was killing me. but hei.. it is michael jackson. i wonder what will happen to his kids. sigh. poor kids.

then came the news that caveman is coming home. hee. nuff said. munchkin seemed to love the idea her daddy's home. she moved everytime she hear him talk. tapi taktau la tu tanda die menyampah ke ape ke.. hahahahahaha

then i saw on telly an extensive coverage on yes, michael jackson.. and the gosselins. jon & kate are getting a divorce. heh. reality tv.

enjoy ur weekend peeps.. i know i will.. i finally have a chaffeur to take me baby shopping.. woohoo!!!


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