Monday, 1 June 2009

rock prince..? or a rock princess??

well what do you know.. after months of check ups and difficult ultrasound process.. today... munchkin was at its best behaviour... no kicking around.. no wailing the hands (wave like you just don't care kind heheh) ..

munchkin was just sitting pretty.. wiggling the toes.. maybe because my mom was there.. watching.. holding back her tears. she has never seen an ultrasound being done before. ye la.. zaman 70's manade ultrasound..

so it was very easy for my o&g to print the ultrasound pic.. measure.. and even tell the gender. munchkin had one feet up.. and the straight.. *LOL* pandai.. dengar cakap mummy.. and when my o&g said " ok.. this is where we can tell the gender.. maybe i'll take a peek" and munchkin just turned around and gave us side view..and full frontal! *LOL*

ye.. ape yang penting?? kerjasamaa!! *LOL*

so, at this point.. he can confirm only 60% that it is a shirley manson.. a rock queen.. as he said " i can't see anything protruding.. so i think its a girl. but we can't really confirm".

as for me.. i personally have no preference.. whether its a boy or a girl.. but caveman was rooting for a girl.. i just want a healthy tot screaming & running around.

so we'll see how it goes next month..maybe then the percentile of the gender guessing game can improve.

and my theory was spot on. after my 0&g check up.. i went to our panel clinic to get my meds (freeee maaa...) .. and i got to another ultrasound. to proof a point. and it was true.. munchkin was kicking & wailing like she just don't care..! i think she responds well to our panel doctor ( a female).. and without her opah around. my o&g is a guy.. die malu kot??



khemy said...

Oh My..
A Barbie??? *doing chicken dance*
Finally another female addition to Othman clan (family ko perempuan skit kan?)hehe..
congrats lurve..and please take care..i really mean it...

p/s: i pray for a she..but if Allah has decided for another boy, aku bersyukur..rejeki jangan ditolak beb..

little miss kechik said...

yea... i'll be just as thrilled for a boy.

bukan family aku je.. caveman pun ade 1 je adik pompuan.. its a boys world in our world.. *LOL*

get better with your bouts of morning sickness k *hugs*

Anonymous said...

comellah...mesti jd cucu kesayangan maklong ni nanti..dahla gegel..teehee

little miss kechik said...

insyaAllah.... hehe