Friday, 31 July 2009

from 9 to 12...

let me see.. after a whole week of resting and chilling.. and shopping.. i returned to work only to be told sexyback was waiting for me to come back to have a meeting. great.

the first 10 minute of the meeting.. cik mong & i were given the following preposition :

"all you need is a letter from me.. and you're dead"
"bla.. bla.. bla.. tender your resignation"
bla.. bla.. bla.. you can ask for a transfer. i can always get someone else to take your place"
"you get what you deserve"

and it went on.. on every freaking agenda. can you believe that? even on things that wasn't related to any one of us. but when it comes to his favourite staff.. waaa... betul betul betul sahaja ye kawan2.

all i can say is.. what the fuck.

i didn't say anything throughout the meeting.. i didn't want munchkin to turn out to be a bitter bitch. teehee...!

i was really, really down the whole day. i mean, its not fair for anyone to say things like that.. to people who work their ass off for you, especially. so we're slacking in some parts of our work, its not like we sweep it under the carpet or make up excuses (like your pet staff does). give us a damn break when we try to juggle everything all at once (including putting up with you.. and your pet staff who happen to be OUR staff and works only 20% of the time).

and i had no one to take it out on. i so need caveman. sigh.

but life goes on. thinking back on it.. he should so quit cos he's so fucking annoying. he's always bragging how rich he is.. bla bla bla.. so quit la kan. why bother working with some kids he can't handle. right.

so you quit. cos i have a mortgage to pay and i love my mushroom.

dan suami saya tak bagik benti.



Khemy said...

chaker dia tu..jangan benti..biar dia tensi..tapi ko kena buat2 rajin sebab dia mesti nak carik salah ko punya lah lepas ni walaupun sebesar zarah..chewah....kalau ko benti nanti ko boring..and nanti badan ko bau bawang 24 jam sebab duk dapur masak jer..haha..itu kata laki aku la...har har har..

Khemy said...

kecik aku ada benda nak bagitau..tapi nanti la aku tipon ko..