Tuesday, 22 September 2009

raya with the hicks..

a couple of weeks ago i've been noticing the braxton hicks kicking in... eee uncomfortable. but its allrite.

it was until last week i notice it has changed to menstrual like cramping. i didn't think much of it until it starts to wreck my already wrecked naps. with all the crazy house work (in time for raya).. it just gets worst.

unfortunately when i decided to have it checked .. my ob gyn is away & a very tidak men'convinving' kan gynae is his relief. urgh. so all he told me was.. it is contractions.. however.. the baby is not position to claim that m going into a premie labour. so, that's a relief.

he gave me some stuff to eat (which he kept repeating is harmless.. heheh) to slow down the contraction.. so i wont get into premie labour. so he told me i should be on bed rest (right.. with sticky floors & everything left everywhere i don't want it to be???!!! ) and if i still get the cramps this week.. i need to be on bed rest. as much as i like the idea of cuti (yeyy!!).. it freaks me out that i might get myself into a premie. sigh.

well.. look on the bright side.. i guess now i have to replan my annual leave + maternity leave dates.. make that MC + annual leave + maternity leave. heheheh! and since my new bos is also expecting his 10th (yes... 10th) kid.. he's been soooooo understanding *LOL*

munchkin.. just as much as mommy wants to bite your cute little feets.. daddy's not home yet!! tunggu k!!

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khemy said...

10th kid..weh..fertile nyer bos ko..