Friday, 9 October 2009

the 10th day of the month..

last year... on the 10th day of the 10th month.. (it was also the 10th Syawal).. at 10 in the morning.. a group of my favourite people gathered at our house (which caveman & i were slaving to get ready for the big day for months).. to be part of our big day..

i have never (apart from taking my SPM result... which, i got my dad to do it for me haha!) been such an emotional wreck. all thoughts crossed my mind... what if.. what if... and i get no sympathy from anyone!! huargh!! sume orang gelakkan aku ok.. sigh.. u people are mean.. *LOL*

it was a short.. but meaningful day. and eventhough the pengantin perempuan didn't have to do much (or say anything during the whole thing) .. i was soooo tired.. (must be the senyum sana sini hehe.. or was it because of the midnight hantaran thing??? hmmm)

so tomorrow is our very first wedding anniversary.. and though he's not here to celebrate it with me (i'll make sure he pays for this!!! LOL) .. it is still a big deal to me.

and though within a year.. i probably see him for only 2 months (yes.. 2 out of 12) .. i really didn't have much to complain, insyaAllah (cuma kadang2 rasa macam cekik darah gak la.. hahah) ..

i luv u shayaaaanngg!! happy 1st anniversary!

p/s : and for those who made our wedding beautiful.. thanks. u know we luvvv yaaaaaa *wink*

p/p/s : maybe tomorrow munchkin & i should have a super yummy ice cream.. all to ourself.. yumsyums..