Friday, 30 October 2009

the damage..

my peeps have been telling me that i shall stop gaining weight in the last few weeks of gestation. i, on the other hand is still gaining a steady 500gm a week. as a consolation, i just think it all goes to munchkin (nak sedapkan ati sendiri) *grin*

part of it was also due to the boredness that is already kicking in. we know we should be spending plenty of time together (i've been forewarned over & over again that it will be impossible soon). so part of it was pigging out. and caveman, whom have been very strict with my diet.. is finally letting loose.. and let me run amok with all the things i wanna eat. before confinement hits. and you knowla when you plan to breastfeed.. the do not eat list is just never ending (take yummymummy who now no longer eat mcd burgers boohoo).

here are just some of the proof of the damages :

triple play.. ni kire last kopek a ni..

cajun chicken sandwhich..

wooohh... curly fries & float at A&W.. yumssy!! my last, i know for sure..

a full mommy.. is a happy mommy *LOL*

bbq chicken something at Assam House, Ipoh

m not a curry fan, but this is good. really. also at Assam House

ni takyah citer la.. the goodies of Ah Chun, Lumut (Restoran Lumut)

this one i drag caveman out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to have this roti canai by the kg. sitiawan river. this place is packed before 8am. tapi makcik yang usha semacam tu, i have no idea why. she only looked away when i put my camera away *LOL*


emas_juita said...

xpe.....for the sake of baby (tolong sedapkan ati gak.hehehe...)
makcik tu one of ur silent reader kot.

khemy said...

weh, makan ker kenduri tu?

any sign of labor yet?? tudu du du du du du du(music saspen p ramlee)

little miss kechik said...

emas_juita : makcik tu ingat die nak masuk majalah kot?? hehe!

khemy : nanti pasti takleh mentekedarah dah. and the sound track for signs of labour should be george michael's Freedom..