Thursday, 8 October 2009


the last checkup went ok.. my ob gyn didn't do an ultrasound though.. i think he only used a doppler thing to check on munchkin's heartbeat. so i dunno how much has munchkin grown since the last visit. i hope she has surpass the 2kg benchmark.. sigh..

my hicks is much better anyways. so he gave me a week worth of Adalat (the dope for my hicks).. then m on my own. my next visit will be on my 37th week.. wooh... !!

and we've worked out the birth plan already.. just like poe told me.. he told me people here rarely takes epidural.. he sometimes forget he has his own anestethis.. ! so when i told him i want epidural to be part of the plan.. he was very surprised cos he totally forgot about it *LOL* aritu baru exagerrated braxton hicks pun dah nangis.. there's no way m enduring that pain. hehe! he also went through the possibilities of how a normal delivery could turn into a c-section. then suddenly he realised, he first met me when i was 24! if i were to listen to that dumb blond but not blond lady ob-gyn i first went to for my endometriosis (takpe.. ni normal.. nanti lepas kawen.. baiklah..) .. god knows what we would be blogging today..sigh..

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so with the birth plan covered.. and a few other things... i only have my job related things to settle. which,... is no fun at all. ye la.. doesn't involve buying anything kan. hahah! plus.. with the current state of my feet (bengkak sampai takde buku lali).. i may have to re plan my leave.yey. but it will effect my annual leave for 2010. aawww mann.... but for now.. m trying my best to complete whatever i can at work.. though sometimes i dunno where i am.. or why m even there.. hehe!

oh well... here's to another sleepless night..


yayafrdz said...

xsabar tggu kak ateh deliver...hope sume ok nnt....*hug*

Mom again said...

don't worry too much. i am sure you will have a swift delivery. whatever it is just ring me if you need any thoughts.

little miss kechik said...

ye.. sile jangan off henpon. heehheh! babe.. our ob gyn said his anestetis has always been the same.. it better!!! hahahha!

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