Friday, 20 November 2009

my take on.. booby food..

m sure everyone has been made known of my idea of breastfeeding. it shall be done.. it will be done. thus, everything that screams 'breastfeeding' is researched, studied (religiously), bought (oklah, ni kire part of the deal a kan..hehe)..

so when the time finally comes.. (i've been warned though by both believers and non believers) it did not happen. well at least not as i expected it to be. hei.. i was told colostrum is produced 1/2 hour after the placenta leaves the system. kan? not. in. my. case. takde pun.

to make things worst.. you know when they say some babies don't automatically pick up the whole correct latching what nots idea? some. babies. not mine. she's a pro. i think what ive been reading was better absorbed by her, then me.

and there i was.. turning her round and round.. cos i obviously didnt know how to hold one (the book says body to face body bla bla) .. and there she was latching on.. and nothing. sakit adalah. hee.

so the nurses told me to chill. it will come around (and so does my other pro lactation pros hee).

so oklah.. second day.. still no sign of neither milk or colostrum (though ive been told its almost invincible. determined to make it work.. the boobs had to work overtime. and there's probably some trinkle (of hope). but not enough to make her happy. and again.. she was given formula *sobs*

i was told that a massage would help speed things up. sakit ok. no fun at all. of course, my kak mas was sympatethic enough. next thing i know, i felt the engorgement. which leads to me to waking hannah up for a feed (excited dan jakun gile ok)..

with the milk supply sort of established (welcome breastpads and nipple shields).. i can happily report both mommy & munchkin is a happy trooper.

how do i cope with the aftermath of the c-sect? well... that's totally another story..

Photos : faces of a booby junkie *LOL*

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SarahLee said...

This is the very reason why I didn't want a C-sect. Don't mean to sound discouraging, but natural birth triggers the breast to produce colostrum, but C-sect is not natural, so to speak. Hence, colostrum will take up to 3 days to arrive. Formula milk is alright, it won't interfere with breastfeeding. Make sure, baby doesn't lose more than 10% of her body weight. Formula is life-saving at times like this.