Wednesday, 25 November 2009

my take on .. late nights

you know the one where people warn you that a cute like a button baby comes with no manual and tons of tricks?

i should've known.

my first night taking care of munchkin was tiring. well, it was only my second night after the operation. plus, the liquid gold has yet to arrive, so she was frantic & we resolved to the formula.

my second night, helloooo engorgement! ouch. ladies, screw those warm/cool packs. head straight to the fridge. the lettuce. it works. so, munchkin's happy. mommy, very sleepy. and edgy (due to a certain situation where too many cooks definitely wreck a kitchen and i shall shut my gob now)

the next nights were a mix of feedings marathons (so far the record was 4.30 am to 10.30 am .. with nappy change, bath, morning walk (she has a little jaundice) nap of about an hour and a half in between) .. nappy changes (we've been peed, pooped & laughed at by munchkin).. frantic feedings (i want more! more! now!!) ..

it was only after i read about the growth spurt i was assured that it wasn't that she's not getting enough.. she's just going through a phase. and my other breastfeeding peeps assured me they all went through the same thing during confinement.

so munchkin have been off the formula since the 4th day, completely. except for 2 occasions, where the aftermath of a c-sect was getting to me & i had to pass her to my mom in the wee hours of morning. she, munchkin of course slept like a baby and acted very angelic around her opah (yela.. no booby smell.. nothing to be frantic about kan). me? i cried like a baby. feeling like a bad mommy who couldn't even feed my kid enough and put her to sleep.

since the not rooming in together idea gave me very bad engorgement the next morning, we've scrapped the idea off. and mama will only look after her during the day. and not for feedings. hee.

now that she's 13 days old.. m still learning her patterns and i believe i have yet seen the worst. heheh! but at least i've discovered the side lying breastfeeding position (which i couldn't before).. and both mommy & munchkin are happy with the new discovery.


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