Friday, 6 November 2009

polka.. again..

don't tell me this isn't the cutest thing..

from Bouncin Baby Cake

and since i've given up on the ducky hunt yummy mummy sent me (it would've made a really quacky akikah / cukur jambul / baby shower) .. this pic is for her..

Photo from Cutest Baby Shower Ideas

and since i still have tons of unused styrofoams from the wedding .. i just might get creative. might *grin*

caveman is still very confused on why everyone is so excited about the akikah / cukur jambul thing. munchkin pun tak keluar lagi. well.. rather then mopping around the house doing nothing (nesting can get really old), and mama will be very occupied to go around getting things done for the kenduri.. we thought we rather get a few things done now. tak kisah la people think its weird since the baby hasn't even arrived. whatever. like my brother taught me .."sukatila .. baby aku!"

p/s : yummymummy... we end up buying the book. and.. it came in pink.. hee!

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khemy said...

LOL the duck diaper cake looks humongous..