Saturday, 27 February 2010

Bottle Bootcamp : Day 2

Method : Coaxing. coax and cranky don't go hand in hand. so i switched to the breast first, bottle second method. you know, when she's a bit woozy from the boobs, switch to the bottle.

duration : it was too chaotic to keep track

result : 1oz down the drain. she was totally pissed when she realised i switched. hee. even on the boobs she was still crying. like i lied to her. in a way, i did. but hei, m the mom ok?! some recitals on the mp3 later conforted her into a nap. bile atok wan balik dari kenduri..mengadu!! menyampah aku!

Remark : Wyeth S26 Gold was recommended by my peeps. and, amazingly.. i find the taste almost similar to my EBM. seriously. her previous formula tasted a little on the sweet side.. taste like susu tepung la kan..

and oh yea.. we tried solids on her.. rice&apple yummies..even i like it. and she likes it. i only tried a spoonful of those sweet smelling nestum..very watery (as instructed by my momsy peeps).. and she loveeesss it...


emas_juita said...

so sweet la u ni mummy.esok klu hannah jadi lupe daratan kasi tunjuk ini belog sama dier.

little miss kechik said...

then we will have that "because i carried you in my bloody womb for 40 bloody weeks & 2 days" conversation..hehehe!