Tuesday, 16 March 2010

bootcamp : the verdict

it seemed my unpaid leave is still pending approval. sigh. so back to work i went on monday. dengan muka sangat bosan.

and how did the 2 week bootcamp went?

1. hannah still refuses the bottle. and i haven't given up. insyaAllah.
2. she has picked up on solids. very well i might add. and i've taken prune essence to help her poop. she keeps em for 7 days.hehehe!
3. her sleep pattern is erratic.
4. she nurses less during the day due to the solids. so now i pump, pump, pump to keep the milk level up cos i've been noticing a slump.
5. she squeals and coos so much these days its hilarious. and her laughing out loud is just so funny to watch.
6. i haven't had any free time. who says stay home moms have it easy? but still have time for online shopping. kahkhakahkah!
7. hannah dah sunat. woot! tak nangis, tak cebik, tak terkejut, just a big grin when my GP said "dah!". mommy yang nangis. yes, i've gone from wonder woman to wantan woman. oh well.

all in all.. i love being at home with her. i dont think i miss work 1 minute! although i did have to go back to the office a couple of times to finish up some work. which, was still unfinished until monday. hee.

sigh..i wish caveman would just say..ok, you can quit. sekali siiiuttt aku antor surat. i read, somewhere.. anak tu amanah Allah (oh yea mamamya mentioned this to me too)..so ape salahnye wa benti nak jaga anak wa kan? i think it has been casually mentioned to the outlaws and during their visit last week..they casually mentioned they didnt like the idea.

ada aku kisah?



yaya+frdz+auf said...

hee...bila fikir balik, mcm2 we went through kan....nnt bila dorang dah besar, sume tu jadi sweet memories kan...hehe.... and yes...org pon wish boleh quit n stay home tc auf. xpayah fikir "dah basuh pump ke belum utk pegi opis esok" wahahahahaha......

ida said...


Khemy said...

how we wish we can quit job just *snapping fingers" like that...
hannah dah sunat? wow! tough woman..i have to wait until cik embun 6months. until the 'thing' visible :P

little miss kechik said...

yaya : yea.. or else we would have the "becos i carried you in my bloody womb for 40 bloody weeks and 2 bloody days" conversation with our kids. hehe!
ida : that's sooo tempting..tapi i takut i beli.. then i sayang nak jual..hehehe!
khemy : honestly.. i cant see it either..hahah! tapi doc tu kata 4 bulan dah leh.. the sooner..the better.. aku kecut perut macam aku yg nak kena sunat! hahaha!

Twiggy said...

OMG I SOOOO WISH I CAN JUST STAY HOME!!!!!! Being a working mom sucks. It's like..the baby spends 90% of her waking time with someone else :(

little miss kechik said...